Dental Bridges

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental Bridges are the original way to permanently replace missing teeth. Having one or more missing teeth can cause a variety of health problems and cosmetic issues. When teeth are missing in the mouth, the other teeth will start to drift and change positions. This can lead to functional and esthetic problems as the bone and gums deteriorate in the areas of the missing teeth.  A dental bridge usually consists of two crowns that go over two anchoring teeth with an artifical tooth in the middle of these crowns to replace the missing tooth.

At Pocono Dental, we make it our mission to provide minimally invasive, long-term restoration options for missing teeth that look and feel natural. A dental bridge will permanently replace missing teeth in a way that functions well, feels good, and looks great!

Realistic Dental bridge
Dental bridge being fitted onto teeth

What is the Dental Bridge Process?

A dental bridge is custom made for the teeth that are being replaced. During your appointment the abutment teeth are shaped and a highly accurate impression is made. This impression is then used to fabricate the dental bridge with the shade match and records that were recorded during the shaping process. The dental bridge is then permanently cemented to the prepared tooth.