Dentures at Pocono Dental

At Pocono Dental, we strive to give people a denture that is indistinguishable from natural teeth. Our goal is to actually enhance your smile whether we are replacing all of the teeth with a complete denture or only some of the teeth with a partial denture. We use the best materials and techniques available to give you back the smile you deserve. 

Smile Makeover Full mouth Rehab before and after
Traditional Complete Dentures

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are used to replace missing teeth with passive retention. Impressions are taken of the mouth and dentures are fabricated to the underlying gum. Upper dentures are able to “suction” to the top of the mouth but it is common for traditional denture wearers to use adhesive to keep the lower dentures in place throughout the day. It is important to remove these dentures while you sleep so the gums can be cleaned to prevent irritation. 


An overdenture attaches to implants that are placed on the toothless ridge. The denture snaps on and has a strong hold. This is the gold standard for lower dentures. The lower denture does not have the suction/retention of the upper denture because there is no palate and often less of a ridge. Patients that have an overdenture enjoy a strong attachment to implants without having to worry about the denture moving around in the mouth. 

Implant Overdenture
All on 4 teeth in a day

Implant Dentures

Commonly known as “All-on-4” or “Teeth in a day,” implant dentures are permanently fixed onto the the implants and are not removed at night time. Typically 4 to 6 implants are placed onto the arch and the “hybrid” denture is fixed onto the implants the same day or a few days later to allow for healing and fabrication of an accurate prosthesis. This type of denture is never removed by the patient and looks and acts just like natural teeth!